About Hasta clothes

 We are Gandert en Carolien. Gandert is a musician, musical instrument repairman and a big lover of everything that has to do with vintage, authenticity and the seventies. Carolien is a yogi and huge India fan. Melting these passions together created Hasta Clothes.

Hasta in Hindi means handmade. Therefore, our pieces are actually handmade in India with authentic Indian fabrics, but also with a vintage style twist. We went to Mumbai, India to collaborate with a dear friend and relative and handpicked several fabrics to make some beatiful designs. Clothes from Hasta Clothes are not made in big factories, but handmade by selected local taylors in Mumbai. Because of this, and the fast changing fabric market in India, we only buy small quantities of our designs with a certain fabric. Designs will remain the same, but fabrics will always (slightly) differ with every order we make. This makes every piece we sell unique!

If you can’t find the right size for you, we can have it handmade especially for you. Please allow a 4-6 week delivery time. If you have any other questions or have something to tell us, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to contact us a info@hasta-clothes.com.



In our online store you’ll find several (one-size) wraps skirts with matching tops in the most beautiful colors and fabrics. We also have very unique jumpsuits in different fabrics that will accentuate the female curves, you’ll feel like a woman in these! To top it off we chose to have them made with seventies style flares.



For the gentlemen we have several slim fit shirts with impressive colors and fabrics. We are however most proud of our Jimi Hendrix/Jim Morrison/Beatles inspired velvet jackets with gold eboidery stitched on them. Check our store for currect colors in stock. Other colors and also matching flare pants can be custom order made. The perfect stage suit!! These are very time consuming to make, so we’ll only have a limited stock. This means you’ll have a very special piece.


Have a look in our online store and surprise yourself with the colors of India and our always changing range of clothes.


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